Custom Furniture in Winnipeg

Design & Collaboration

custom furniture sketches for clients

The process of creating made-to-order upholstered furniture is what we enjoy most. At Workshop Designs we engage our clients in the process of designing and building their furniture. We begin by working together to determine the desired dimensions and style details and select fabrics and materials. The process may also involve templating furniture on site, reviewing patterns prior to production and “sit tests” to choose foam and fills. This process is what helps us to ensure that the outcome will surpass your expectation, and it is this process that has helped us build long-term relationships with our clients who return time and again for our custom pieces.

cutting fabric in shop

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sewing fabric - top stitching detail

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upholstering arm of sofa with velvet damask fabric

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Made in Canada: Locally Sourced, Locally Made

We start by building our hardwood furniture frames in our shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba using real Canadian frame stock. Each piece is upholstered on site in our shop. While fabrics and components may be globally sourced, we support local and Canadian dealers when purchasing many of our materials and supplies.

Canadian birch hardwood

Finest Fabrics & Materials

We are partnered with some of the finest upholstery fabric suppliers in the world and are committed to using the highest-grade materials. While we use innovative materials in the creation of our products, Workshop Designs also incorporates many traditional upholstery components including natural jute, hemp twine and cotton felt padding. As well, our solid wood for our frames comes from trees, not byproducts. Together, these superior materials provide our residential and commercial customers with a combination of quality and tradition.

showroom fabric gallery

Commitment to Quality Craftsmanship

There are two factors that make every Workshop Design creation a showpiece: the things you see and the things you don’t. Our furniture pieces are a reflection of the experience and dedication of our many skilled employees. Whether it is the fit and tailoring of the cushions, the top stitch detailing or our signature buttoned decks, you will appreciate a difference that you see and feel. We are proud that our commitment to quality materials is never compromised.

linen fabric with button tufting and top stitch detail
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